Besides his own writing and music, academic work and professional employment, Stewart’s major projects over the years have included:

Caledonia Sings: The Raghu Lokanathan Songbook, 2017

“Few musical events in local history can compare to the lineup that’s been assembled for Caledonia Sings, a tribute night to beloved singer-songwriter-playwright-performer Raghu Lokanathan.” – The Prince George Citizen

Casse-Tête: A Festival of Experimental Music, 2013-2017

Casse-Tête: A Festival of Experimental Music operated for five years in Prince George, and featured improvisation, free jazz, avant-garde compositions, minimalism, post-rock, noise, and more. Performers come from around Canada and beyond, along with the cutting edge of Prince George’s own scene. Find the festival profiled at

Dreamland School of the Arts, 2014-2017

Dreamland School of the Arts was the partnership of Stewart and his wife Erin Arding in creating a professional music school for all ages. From 2014-2017, the school was located at 4th and Queensway in Prince George; it was recognized in the Prince George Citizen as Prince George’s Best Music School in 2016. Teachers who taught at the school included Erika Callewaert, Danny Bell, Curtis Abriel, Naomi Kavka, Lisa Toon, and many other wonderful teachers.

Dreamland Magazine, 2013-2016

Publisher and Editor of 12 monthly issues of a 40-48 page magazine featuring outstanding writers and artists from around the world, including Jordan Abel, Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Stephen Collis, Jacob Scheier, and others.

The Piano Drop, 2014

In the process of planning the second year of Casse-Tete: A Festival of Experimental Music, pianist and Registered Piano Technician Peter Stevenson suggested an idea to me that immediately struck me as audacious and exciting: to drop a piano from the roof of the Exploration Place, the festival venue. Peter intended this gesture to give a ruined piano a last hurrah; I saw it as an opportunity to engage the community with visceral, aesthetically challenging material.